L & T Green Reserve


An ideal platform where families can meet a luxurious and premium space because the desires are way different where the living is beyond the space offering a bunch of amenities to get into an active lifestyle, healthy environment, secured space and even more perks are added to the site to ameliorate the living standard.


L & T Green Reserve Noida

To bring real change in society, this project adds a new style of living where the home is beyond the space and it needs better surroundings, so this can be seen in the latest housing planned by L&T to add a complete address where everything is well organised to meet new flavours and ameliorate the lifestyle at the same time, so if you want to be a part of it, then check out all the details below: -

IDEAL UNIT TYPE- 3, 4 and 5 BHK apartments are considered to be the best unit type where families can easily settle inside to have modern living and these apartment are well designed on a novel floor plan to gain maximum access to the space, and besides this, privacy, ventilation and sun filled rooms are the key pillars that make this housing a one stop destination for all the families.

These units can bring 3 to 6 members together where the best use of the space can be done and have a luxury look & feel altogether. And apart from this, here you can innovation, comfort, futuristic designs, optimum utilization and robust construction.

LIVE IN A HIGH RISE TOWER- The project comes with 2 exclusive towers where both of them open a wider view of the surroundings where one can cherish its exotic ambience and the site is wrapped with immense greenery so the gush of freshness will keep coming and you will have be enjoying pollutant free ambience while sipping tea in your balcony.

Now Noida offers high rise towers to get an uninterrupted view of the surroundings so this unbreakable view can be enjoyed from the balcony and towers are placed in such a way that very apartment gets a sun filled space to live in.

PROMOTES ACTIVE LIVING- This project is highly designed where the site comes with the best range of amenities, so this way it brings families together to have an active and energetic lifestyle, so you get: -

So each of them turns out to be an asset where you can keep your health better and this is the best way to keep yourself busy and engage with others, today the busy schedule has left no time for a workout, and when you have everything within the society you can access to each of them, the whole idea of presenting such amenities is to bring families together and offer them an active lifestyle which is very important in order to add activities, and living in such a society is a new trend.


From car parking space, availability of plumber & electrician, water & power back up and more availability to add ease and comfort all around, and when you are here in L&T GREEN RESERVE Noida you get every leisure to have a happy living.

This is what you get when you become a part of a community- comfort, peace, luxury and better availability of everything.


L and T Green Reserve is laced with immense greenery where you can meet a pollutant free ambience, and to add more beauty to the area it adds a trail of trees, water bodies and air purifying plants to create a pollutant free ambience and have a breathable zone to stay in mind.

So it is a good way to keep yourself healthy and live in a breathable environment because the pollution has already spoiled the environment and this way you can give your kids a healthy environment and connect them to nature.


The site comes with the latest security system where everyone can keep safe & secured, the presence of CCTV cameras, security guards, regular patrolling, car boom barriers, tap on entry and exit of the visitors & maids, and even more to create a secured cocoon for the residents and have a tension free living.

When parents are at work, the safety of their kids is the main concern that matters a lot, but they all move to premium address L and T GREEN RESERVE NOIDA, then nothing makes them worry as the latest security measures are taken to ease the living and of course, safety is first.


When you live in an independent house, then you fail to get that complete feel of a home, but when you live in a packed and intact society, then you get a complete feel of a home that needs security, fresh ambience, area to play, car parking space and even more where all of them comes out as strong elements to push up the overall lifestyle.


Sector 128, Noida is one of the known and active sectors that holds a better range of social and physical ancillaries to add a comfortable location which is well planned to offer within the radius, and then the sector enjoys its direct access to commercial hubs such as SEZs & NSEZ, Express Trade Tower, Lotus Business Park, Tech Boulevard, HCL Corporate Campus and more to open easy job opportunities and let the residents manage their personal and professional life.

And then for shopping this sector comes with direct closeness to DLF Mall of India, Sector 18 market and 110 market that connects to the local needs, so for daily shopping, you can access to all of them within the range.

For kids you can meet prime schools- Fortune Word School, Genesis Global School, Starling Edge and more top rated schools are available where within the range you can meet dream schools for your kids.

Without a metro, the location is incomplete, so this sector offers direct access to Noida Sector 81 & 83 metro to connect widely to all the areas of Noida, Delhi and Gurgaon.

So it is a good way to meet a demanding sector where everything is widely available within the sector to offer better living, high ROI and good rental value.

GOOD RATED SECTOR- With 4.1/5 rating this sector allures home buyers as the availability of better commuting, environment and places of interest it makes it the most comfortable and active sector of Noida that brings more families together.

So Noida is already a prominent hub where residents can find gated communities to bring like minded families together and offer them a life changing experience altogether, and other than this, job opportunities, metro and the presence of social ancillaries add different vibes to it, so being a part of it will be a lucrative idea for the home buyers and investors both.

EASY PAYMENT PLAN- The site offers easy payment which means with the minimum amount you can book your unit and later at the time of possession, so this is the right way to make payment and book your dream apartment in L&T GREEN RESERVE, NOIDA.

TRUST OF THE BUILDER- L&T Construction is one of the biggest names in real estate sectors whose quality work and futuristic designs add real beauty to very project they offer and even this new addition of a residential project is the true symbol of development that brings families together to celebrate life differently and have everything within the project to change the way of living, so you can experience branded and trusted home.


This new housing flats in Noida is for both parties where investors can book any of these premium homes and have better rental because the demand for apartments is much higher as families are moving to societies so the demand for it escalates automatically.

And then rental for such properties is higher, so the conversion is much higher. In fact, this sector has seen an appreciation of 3.62 per cent which means more appreciation can be gained because such premium properties are the cream of the crop already.

Apart from this, home buyer can find their dream property inside where a complete society offers premium living with an access to modern amenities, healthy ambience, secured area, high rise towers and more to have an international flavour of living in a single property.

Meet future property and live like a king because such projects are planned in the best possible way to meet happy memories and give families a life changing experience altogether.


L&T GREEN RESERVE Noida project promotes modern living and it is the taste of today’s generation and being a part of it is 100 per cent advantageous, so don’t you want to be a part of it? If yes, then it is the right time to move to a modern society and give your family a life changing experience because home is beyond 4 walls and this can be easily seen in this latest housing located in Noida which brings all like minded families together, so are you the one? then book your favourable unit for a life changing experience.


Q- Is it worth being a part of L and T Green Reserve Noida?

Yes, it is worth to be a part of it for the fact that demand for gated societies are much higher than the normal independent floors, and when there is more demand, the property appreciates and even good monthly rental is ensured, so it is a good way to be a part of a strong asset.

Q- Why to live in L&T Green Reserve Sector 128 Noida?

If you want to move to a planned housing that comes with future needs where an active lifestyle, healthy environment, advanced security system, charging points for electric car, high rise buildings and lots more, then it is a good place to live in with your family and give them a world’s best address to live in that comes with all perks inside.

Q- What will be the future of L&T Green Reserve Noida?

It is hard to predict, but the sector has shown an appreciation and families are moving to premium societies so this ensures a better future which means buying an apartment here will never make you repent, in fact, this way you will have your cake and eat it too.